Baklava's Beira-Sha-Sari

 Baklava's Beira Sha Sari

Ch Schiram Imbus x Ch Baklava
Born August 3, 1980
Photo by Frisén
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Shaamroc K-litter, born February 18 1985, sire Ch Shaamroc Ghost-Hunter
Kamelia, Kamomille, Karisma, Knight Comander, Knight Companion, Knight Es'quire & Koh-I-Noor

Izania X-litter, born February 9 1988, sire Ch Kashmanis Lanthir-Abshar
Xanthippa, Xanthoria, Xanthussa, Xanthé, Xenon, Xherast & Xynia

Kennel Baklava has been awarded with the Hamilton Award by the Swedish Kennel Club in 1993, for our successful work that has benefited dog breeding and thus greatly promoting the club's objectives. We have also been awarded with the Swedish Sighthound Club's Breeder Medal in 2007.